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  • "When Change Management came and put together a Project Acceleration Team, we finally got back on track and got it done. The energy they brought in was contagious. We'll never neglect feedback and leadership when we initiate change again." Jake R, CIO

  • "I used to tell people what our culture was, while it was still just a vision for what I wanted our culture to be.  We were all behaving in so many ways opposite of that vision.  Our culture transformation brought new life to our business and we're growing again."  Wendy J, President

  • "We didn't just implement an ERP system on time, we crushed our timeline and proficiency goals, and went live 2 months early!"  Ben L, CIO

  • "I gained the skills necessary to get outside of myself as a "know it all" manager and look at things through a very different perspective. I am not stressed out anymore, and neither is my team."  Paul K, Project Manager

  • "Change has always been rough here. Our Digital Transformation meant that more than 80% of our global team had new jobs, reporting lines, and work locations. We got feedback that the cutover was a little, "underwhelming."  That means we did an excellent job with Change Management."  GG, Executive VP

  • "I have had other change management experiences that did not amount to much.  It didn't take long before I opened my mind and realized their brand of change management was valuable and effective, taking this already successful company to new heights."  Chris H, Project Manager

  • "Personally, I have become more confident in my decision-making and my ability to lead change successfully as a manager." Dave C., Shipping Supervisor

  • "This service has improved balance in my work life and personal life."  Garret B., VP of Operations

  • "Things that were getting pushed to the side and left undealt with are being taken by the horns and changed. We are much better at confronting issues and there is less tolerance overall for sub-par work  and work behaviors. It's had a big impact on the production floor."  Mike S., Operations Manager

  • "As a board, we had our eyes opened along with focus and commitment after a few sessions with Tina of Change Management." Joyce P, Board President

  • "Our company is performing so much better, and I feel like we are just scratching the surface of what's possible for us."  Kevin K, CFO

  • "We've transformed. Our field-supervisors are working like a team, became leaders not bosses, and they are no longer rivals to each other. Working with Change Management was a great choice."  Cheryl S, President & CEO

  • “I spent five figures in the first three months working with Change Management. I got a six-figure return.”  Dan S, COO

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