Tina Schuelke, CEO, and Laura Dowdy, Change Analyst, reflect on the ways human nature shows up during uncertainty.

During the first 40 days of the COVID-19 outbreak and the self-isolation orders that shook our economy, I realized I was not so good at allowing myself to be vulnerable.  I was not so great at feeling safe and trusting the systems I have always worked in.  I was good at tamping down and stifling my own fear.  I was also good at being strategic and making lot of to-do lists and doing what was on them and more.  I got really busy, but I was not working my way through and out of the problems.  I was in denial, although it did not show like “classic” denial and anger.  I was in survival mode, and like so many of us in positions of leadership, I forgot to connect with who I was being. 

Saying “thanks” at work isn’t easy for everyone. Sometimes we can let our beliefs about social norms and diverse cultures get in the way of showing appreciation for that special touch that made the difference, a great idea, commitment to results, etc. There are so many reasons to say and show thanks at work, but for some, it can also feel like there are just as many potential pitfalls to showing gratitude at work.

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