We’re here to challenge the way companies manage change, and to dramatically impact the way companies evolve, adapt and expand. Fast.

It’s no longer “managing change.”  Instead, it’s resolving redundancies, strengthening assets, and elevating an organization from “us and them” to “we and how.”

It’s how a company goes from teams at odds with one another to a place where each and every individual is maximized, not minimized.

You know (what sucks) about change management. 

We have an answer.

Get to know some of our team.


Personnel & Relationships Specialist

Work with Tina to create a culture where your team is empowered and not overpowered. Served and not merely herded.  Tina generates a platform for trust and collaboration.

We’re talking about a new way to elevate personnel.



Change Management Partners

Experience what “getting it all done” really looks like.  During the chaos and confrontation of change, Michelle brings harmony, attention to detail, and structure that transitions ideas into action and results.

We’re talking about the ability to be with a lot—whatever shows up—and still move forward, leading the changes.


You’ll benefit from one of the world’s best entrepreneurship minds when Amy is on the team.  When she is not traveling the globe teaching entrepreneurship, she is nurturing them from the Venture Center (insert link for venture center).  Work with Amy to surface your best ideas and Amy’s fast brain and design thinking skillset facilitates idea maturation and testing to launch disruption.

We’re talking about innovation that transforms the way it is.

You are not going to be managing change through some long-winded binder packed with impressive terms and theoretical ideas when you work with our coaches and consultants.  Authenticity is what we're all about. 

We’re talking about a proven way to be accountable.


Your project depends on communication that invites buy-in, accelerates action, and inspires each person to be responsible for their own part in the change, instead of causing dread and energy drains.  Our Communications Specialists get it done, masterfully with strategic vision, clarity, and guidance.

We’re talking about a new method of communicating.

When your project needs a project manager that can turn a project tracker into a winning game plan to outpace your competition, we get our Coordination Specialists involved. Nuts, bolts, stray bullets—nothing will be unaccounted for and nothing will be getting in the way.  Take your PM skillset to beyond the next level to win at the game of transformation.

We’re talking about a smarter way to generate coordination.


We’re talking about precise steps and effective action. Putting an end to inefficiencies and streamlining your organization so production replaces waste, and attainment replaces frustration and “hoping something would change.”

When you need immediate, accurate, and effective insights with precise actions and expertise to turn those insights into the alignment and momentum that puts an end to inefficiency, indecision, and waste—



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