Are you trying to conquer inauthenticity and complacency--especially in virtual environments?  Zoom, Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting, GoogleMeet, and all the rest are places we see others advising about how to "look good."  At Change Management, we work with clients who want to "Be Good," and more authentic.  Let's talk about getting real about what's real, which then is replaced by deeper enrollment and engagement in the team’s purpose and trust in each other—which is where innovation and productivity live.  Honestly, a good backdrop, focus on body language, and ring light is not going to get you all in a productive and innovative mindset; neither are funny hats and food coloring in your water to make it "magical." 


A great way to conquer complacency is to ask some questions.   Be curious, create a "no judgment zone" in the way you ask and receive answers for this--otherwise, you might be getting some defensive, pandering, or appeasing responses. 

Here are some tips to help make the transition to asking deeper questions (which your teammates might not be comfortable with yet).

These questions work best when you (as a leader) share something like, “Since we last met, I asked myself, <this question>.  Would you like to know how I answered that?”  and then after you see people nodding their head and saying, “yes.”  Share how you responded to that question.  Ask them how they would respond to the question about you.  Let every one answer.  Thank each person for their answer—this is really important.  Even if their answer seems wrong or you feel like you need to defend yourself or feel misunderstood—you are stepping in as leading a change in team culture, and nothing is personal; it’s all information.   After everyone is done sharing feedback, you can state, “I have a lot more to think about.  I appreciate the feedback.”  And then ask, “I wonder what would happen if we each asked this question of ourselves and received feedback about it.  Does anyone want to go next?” 

See how people respond and go with it.  If you get all “no’s” and resistance, it's ok.  That is also information.  Don’t push on without “consent.”  Talk with us, our coaches and consultants are here for you, and we can decide the next steps if you get resistance.  If you don’t and people are ready for this next level, have fun and forge on!! 

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