A recent PMI Report found that strategic focus on change management is one piece of the puzzle in realizing successful implementation of strategic initiatives.  In fact, only 56 percent of strategic initiatives meet their goals.  This is clearly not a great track record but, does it truly affect the bottom line of your business? The answer: a resounding yes!

Heart Posture is essentially “the way mom always told you to stand” – shoulders back, stomach in, head held high. This posture conveys a sense of trust, which is an important signal to send whether you are pitching a new idea, interviewing for a job or trying to close a deal. The last thing you want is for your posture to be interfering with what you are trying to communicate.

Body language is an important factor in how you exert power, influence and create buy-in with others.  Just how important is often under estimated. Others will make a decision about your competency in a given situation in less than a second, leaving no time to speak eloquently on a subject or even begin to make your case. In fact, once you do get around to speaking, what you say during an interaction with another person only accounts for about 7% of the impression you make. That being said the way you carry yourself, walk into a room or sit in the waiting area can have a profound impact on your ability to convey your message, sell your product/idea or get your team members onboard.

One of my clients came to me because he knows managing change is hard.  He paid me the highest of compliments today, “Working with you is easy.”  What my client is working on is not easy.   He is leading a significant change in a workplace where past changes have failed more times than not.   In fact, my client was afraid–but brave enough to tell me–that he missed a critical deadline, and it was costing his business a lot of money.  Worse than that, the missed deadline had the potential of harming the trust he built with people he works with.   He told me the full story.  The depth of the problem was fully revealed, and I felt pretty uncomfortable myself.

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