One of my clients came to me because he knows managing change is hard.  He paid me the highest of compliments today, “Working with you is easy.”  What my client is working on is not easy.   He is leading a significant change in a workplace where past changes have failed more times than not.   In fact, my client was afraid–but brave enough to tell me–that he missed a critical deadline, and it was costing his business a lot of money.  Worse than that, the missed deadline had the potential of harming the trust he built with people he works with.   He told me the full story.  The depth of the problem was fully revealed, and I felt pretty uncomfortable myself.

"An Open Communication Culture is one in which information flows freely and is easily accessible to both insiders and to the public at large. Consistent with the culture and values of the organization, its leadership enables, advocates and provides open access to information in which employees, customers, shareholders and the general public have a legitimate interest. Proactive communication initiatives and dialogue with and among the various stakeholders are the primary means for achieving open communication objectives. Among the obvious exceptions to the rule are proprietary, regulated financial and competitive information or confidential employee, customer or client information. (”

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